Brain Shows Transition Between Conscious and Unconscious State, Using functional Electrical Impedance Tomography

The BBC News website, reporting on results presented at the European Anaesthesiology Congress in Amsterdam on June 14th, show a  tomographic video of a  patient loosing consciousness following the administration of anesthesia.

Below are some still images from the video which give an idea of the changes that take place.  The images are indirect measures of  neural firing in the brain and hence have a very high resolution time.  The device resembles an EEG more than an MRI device both in terms of cost and size.



This is the latest development of EIT technology from Manchester University, which hosted an international meeting in 2009 entitled International Conference on Biomedical Applications of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT).

The technology used is described in further detail in a published paper which is available as a downloadable PDF file, “fEITER – a new EIT instrument for functional brain imaging” by J L Davidson, P Wright, S T Ahsan, R L Robinson, C J D Pomfrett & H McCann.

Further links to this technology may be found <here> and below:


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